AVBOB File of Life

The file of life, was compiled to assist you with the identification,
organisation and collection of documents which will aid you in
compiling your own file of life which will be a vital document
following your own or your spouse’s death. This is a “living” file which should
continuously be updated.

While you still have the ability to collect the required documents to the file of life, you
should know that you are making a contribution to the day when you or
your spouse passes away and when the executor has to register and
administer the estate.

We trust that the process of continually updating and adding to this file of life,
would be like a journey of life of which you are busy writing the last chapter.
It is our humble opinion that, when your loved ones and the executor need
the information contained in this file of life, they will be eternally grateful to
you and appreciative of your efforts. Download the full file of life by clicking on the picture below

file of life