Avbob Frequently asked questions

Friendly consultant to answer all your avbob questions

Why is it taking so long for Avbob to pay me?

AVBOB is a licensed FSP and as a result, we are subject to a long list of statutes and regulations which are overseen by the FSB. Insurance fraud is rife in the industry. We are held responsible for the systems and processes to combat such crimes and have therefore employed the services of an external company called CENSEO. They assist us in scrutinising and investigating claims to ensure that our clients do not suffer any prejudice. This doesn’t mean that we doubt the validity of your claim but we have to ensure that we manage and minimise the risks associated with fraudulent claims. Once this process is completed and no irregularities are found the claim will be admitted.

How will I be kept updated on my claim?

As soon as your claim is submitted you will receive an SMS to make you aware that your claim is at AVBOB and being processed. A second SMS will be sent to you to inform you that the claim has been selected for assessment by CENSEO. It is essential to answer all private number calls after you have submitted your claim, as a CENSEO consultant will be in touch with you to verify your claim details. This call is very important, by answering it and all questions from the consultant you are able to speed up your claim process.

Will AVBOB confirm to the private funeral parlour that my claim will be paid?

Once your claim has been cleared by CENSEO, we will process the claim immediately and you will be informed thereof.

When you sold the policy to me you promised the money will be paid within forty-eight (48) hours?

Yes that is true and once the relevant documentation has been verified as authentic and legitimate, your claim will be processed within forty-eight (48) hours. We do always inform our clients that terms and conditions apply and the validation of a claim do qualify as applicable T&C’s. I may just mention to you that we can also conduct the funeral for you and if you choose for us to do the funeral, it will speed the process up. It is however entirely your choice and you are under no obligation to make use of our services.

Why are claims being validated/audited?

Insurance companies all over South Africa are experiencing a huge increase in fraud. A large percentage of such cases are related to stolen Identity Documents. We have an obligation to protect our clients and the organisation against such crimes and therefore we have to validate some claims. We select a percentage of all claims randomly for assessment and depending on circumstances; it may take up to twenty one (21) days to conclude. On average, it only takes three (3) days to complete and then your claim will receive priority for processing and payment at our Claims Department.

Does this mean my claim will not be paid?
No, the fact that your claim will be assessed doesn’t mean that your claim will automatically be rejected. Once it has been found that there are no irregularities associated with your claim, it will be honoured by us and payment will be made without further delay.

Who are the claimants on a policy?

If the main assured is still alive, the proceeds are paid to him/her. If he/she has died then the nominated beneficiary receives the claim values, if no beneficiary was nominated or the nominated beneficiary is deceased, then the spouse claims, in the absence of a spouse, the premium payer and in their absence, it will be a person designated by AVBOB. This could be the parents, children, siblings of the deceased. If the assured on a J19 dies the claimant will be the premium payer.

If there are two policies covering the deceased and the funeral is conducted by AVBOB Funeral Service, can I receive my claim value in cash? Yes, provided the total cost of the funeral/tombstone order has been paid in full.

What do I do when a death occurs?

If you choose to use AVBOB Funeral Service, you must contact your local AVBOB representative as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made for the removal of the deceased from the place of death. Since it is required by law that all deaths must be registered, AVBOB will assist you to do so and will require the following: The Identity Document of the deceased (should the deceased not be a South African Citizen, his/her passport is required). A medical certificate completed and signed by the deceased’s doctor (AVBOB can assist in obtaining this).

What documents we will require to process all claims promptly?

Death Certificate, as well as a copy of the first page of the BI1663 (previous), or pages 1-, 2- and 3 of 3 of the BI1663 (latest) form. Policy document or schedule/certificate. Claimant’s Declaration (available at an AVBOB agency) Medicate Certificate (available at an AVBOB Agency for completion by the deceased’s family doctor) SAPS Declaration when the death is caused by unnatural causes (available at an AVBOB agency for completion by the investigating officer).

How can AVBOB’s Funeral Services help?

Use modern, hygienic mortuary facilities and offer a wide range of quality products such as caskets, tombstones, hearses and grave-side facilities? Yes
Arrange additional services such as catering, family cars, buses and tents and chairs at the house? Yes
Take care of all aspects of the burial and can they offer me products and services to suit my cultural and religious preferences? Yes
Offer a lay-by option on tombstones? Yes
Have compassionate, experienced staff available 24-hours a day, who can take me step by step through the whole funeral process and help me with filling out the relevant documentation, registering the death and processing funeral claims? Yes
Have 150 branches countrywide and can they repatriate the body of the deceased anywhere in South Africa? Yes

What do I get as an AVBOB policyholder?

Can AVBOB settle claims within forty-eight 48-hours? Yes
Can I take out a loan against my policy? Yes, terms and conditions apply
Is there an option to provide cover for extended family members? Yes
Can the whole family, single-parent family or just a single person be covered? Yes
After the cost of the funeral is deducted, will the balance of the assured sum be paid out to a nominated beneficiary? Yes
Does AVBOB have special benefits and discounts for policyholders? Yes
Do I receive company profits paid back to me as benefits? Yes
As an AVBOB policyholder, will AVBOB‘s Funeral Services include:
A FREE basic funeral if the policy is two years or older? Yes
FREE transportation of the deceased within the borders of South Africa? Yes
R2 000 cash upfront for initial expenses? Yes
Plus, you also get a 15% addition to the sum assured on the main life which, if needed, may be converted into a six month Retrenchment Benefit? Yes
A FREE specified coffin? Yes
FREE use of a specified hearse? Yes
The arrangement of the funeral? Yes
The execution of the funeral? Yes
The collection and transportation of your loved one to the AVBOB mortuary? Yes
The use of AVBOB‘s mortuary facilities? Yes
Graveside tent and 10 chairs? Yes
Preparation of the deceased and coffining (Preparing loved one for burial/cremation)? Yes
Assistance with the completion of all official documents? Yes
A R250 contribution to a funeral notice in a newspaper of choice? Yes
An ash coffin (where applicable)? Yes
The use of a lowering device at the graveside? Yes

Why should I choose AVBOB’s Cashback Lifestyle?

Provide life insurance to anyone between the ages of 18 and 80? (at next birthday) Yes