See Avbob Funeral Policy Benefits.

Please find below the benefits of a Cash-Back funeral policy.A free ‘A’ type coffin.


  • The use of a category ‘B’ hearse. In the event where a category ‘B’ hearse is not available, it could be substituted with a category ‘A’ hearse at no extra cost.
  • The arrangement conference and all the funeral/cremation arrangements.
  • The execution of the funeral.
  • The use of our mortuary and cooling facilities.
  • The collection of the deceased and transportation to the mortuary.
  • Preparation of the deceased and the coffining.
  • Assistance with the completion of all official documents.
  • A R250 contribution to a funeral notice in a newspaper.
  • Ash coffin (where applicable).
  • The use of our lowering device (where applicable).
  • A graveside tent and 10 chairs (where applicable).