AVBOB Fundamentals Binder

Cashback Avbob Funeral Cover

It feels good to hear someone say “take care” but it feel so much better to hear someone says; “we’ll take care of you”. At the AVBOB funeral cover ,we’re here for you so that you can spend more time taking care of your loved ones, your family.

We know that having adequate funeral cover is one way of showing your commitment to putting the future financial needs of your family first. With an AVBOB Cashback Funeral policy as well as our unique FREE funeral benefits*, you can rest assured that your family will not be left burdened by the cost of a funeral.

If you become an AVBOB Cashback Funeral policy holder, we’ll reward you for every five years that you remain claim free. That’s right, for every five consecutive years where there has been no claim; you’ll receive the fifth year’s premiums back in cash! This means that with one policy you can take care of some of the short term and long term financial needs of your family.

Avbob Funeral Cover


AVBOB is Africa’s largest Mutual Assurance Society that provides a one-stop funeral insurance and funeral services solution. As a Mutual Society, AVBOB does not have external shareholders and this simply means that the profits we make are given back to our policyholders in the form of FREE funeral benefits* as well as special bonuses which are declared from time to time.

AVBOB’s unique FREE funeral benefits* for policyholders who appoint AVBOB Funeral Services to conduct the funeral and provided that the deceased was covered for at least 24 months under an AVBOB policy, include a FREE basic funeral*, FREE transportation of the deceased within the borders of South Africa* and a FREE upfront cash payment of R1 000 to the person arranging the funeral of the the deceased. With these costs taken care of, the beneficiary of the policy will get to keep the money, the entire policy value to spend on important extras such as grave costs, upgrading the coffin, cremation fees, family cars, catering, airtime and chairs.



  • You decide on the cover levels – choose a level of cover that you can afford.
  • Get cash back for every five consecutive claim free years – get the entire fifth year’s premiums (excluding premiums paid towards a savings plan benefit) back in cash
  • Accident benefit for main life insured – we will pay double payout for a death that was the results of unnatural causes* (excluding suicide)
  • Immediate coverage – on commencement of the policy, accidental cover for all lives insured. No waiting period applies.
  • Breadwinner benefits – (applicable only if the applicant pays his/her own premiums). You can be assured that when you pass away, your parents, parents-in-law, spouse and children will receive cover without further premium payments being required.
  • Spouse benefit – your spouse can be covered under this benefit, however only on espouse can be covered.
  • Children’s benefit – add your children (your own children, step children or legally adopted children) and only pay for one
  • Parent benefit – if you have a Cashback Avbob Funeral Cover, you can cover your parents too. If you add your spouse on the same policy, your spouse’s parents can also receive the cover
  • Extended family benefit – up to six family members can be added including brothers, sisters, grandparents, foster children, grandchildren and even a second spouse.
  • Saving plan benefit – from as little as R50 per month you can also add a savings plan to your policy.
  • Special bonuses – from time to time special bonuses are declared by the Society and these increase the value of your policy even further.
  • Easy payment options – you can pay in cash, by bank debit order or stop order


  • Applicant and Spouse up to R50 000*
  • Parents up to R30 000*
  • Children up to R10 000*
  • Extended Family up to R30 000*
    *Terms and conditions apply


Saying goodbye to a loved one is difficult enough. Paying for it shouldn’t be.

AVBOB policyholders and lives insured receive a FREE basic funeral* to the  value of R9 600 provided that AVBOB Funeral Service conducts the funeral and the deceased was covered under an AVBOB policy for at least 24 months. This is over and above your policy value, which means you get to keep your money.