Avbob funeral Policy

Avbob Funeral Policy

Avbob Funeral Policy

Please find below the benefits of a Cash-Back avbob funeral policy.

  • A free ‘A’ type coffin.
  • The use of a category ‘B’ hearse. In the event where a category ‘B’ hearse is not available, it could be substituted with a category ‘A’ hearse at no extra cost.
  • The arrangement conference and all the funeral/cremation arrangements.
  • The execution of the funeral.
  • The use of our mortuary and cooling facilities.
  • The collection of the deceased and transportation to the mortuary.
  • Preparation of the deceased and the coffining.
  • Assistance with the completion of all official documents.
  • A R250 contribution to a funeral notice in a newspaper.
  • Ash coffin (where applicable).
  • The use of our lowering device (where applicable).
  • A graveside tent and 10 chairs (where applicable).

 How do I claim with avbob funeral policy?

  • Whether day or night – 24hrs – contact your local AVBOB office or call 0861 386 3725 and you will be put in contact with your local branch as quickly as possible.
  • Funeral arrangements are made at your closest AVBOB funeral branch, but with AVBOB funeral policy you also have the option of arranging the funeral in the privacy of your home lf the funeral or cremation is in another town/city other than where the death occurred, you should still contact your nearest AVBOB funeral branch.
  • The time and date of the funeral will be determined when you arrange the funeral.
  • The law requires all deaths to be registered. To make it possible for us to do so, you will be required to submit the following documentation:
  1. Identity document of the deceased.
  2. Death certificate issued by a medical practitioner.
  • When arranging a funeral or cremation, there are important decisions to make which can
    often be overwhelming. it’s important to discuss these decisions beforehand with the next of kin, friend or clergyman. You may also be led by the wishes of the deceased before death, e.g. by the contents of the will. Avbob funeral policy is here to assist with important decisions such as:
  1. Must the deceased be buried or cremated?
  2. Where must the burial or cremation service be held?
  3. ls a memorial service required?
  4. Which priest should carry out the memorial service?
  5. What type of flowers will be required?
  6. Do you require notice of the burial or cremation in the press?
  7. How many pamphlets are required for the service? . What type of coffinh or casket is preferred?